So a few months ago (seems like a lifetime ago) I had the privilege of working with a Portuguese film crew doing a documentary in South Africa about our Day Zero and the water crisis that is affecting us all and, amongst other things, what we learnt from it and how our lives have changed and, more importantly, what still needs to change!

Well, it’s FINISHED and it’s awesome! The series is called PLANET A and this is the 9th and final episode:

“Water is an essential good for life. And yet, more than 2,000 people die every day on our planet for lack of access to water and sanitation. In 2018, Cape Town, South Africa was very close to “Day Zero”, the day it would become the first major city in the world to lose access to piped water.

João Reis, travels to the South African city to understand how they managed to combat this impending doom. It speaks both to government officials who created infrastructure to combat the problem, and to citizens who sacrificed personal comforts for the good of the entire community. Without forgetting the harsh reality of those who live in the poorest neighborhoods, where water scarcity is a constant threat.

Lessons from Cape Town have to be learned in Portugal, where we have seen several initiatives in the agricultural world to drastically reduce water consumption. It’s an emerging need. Before the countdown to Day Zero begins in our country.”

It’s in Portuguese but my parts are luckily in English. You’ll see me from about 4 min into the episode. I had such a great time with this film crew and they were so so nice and so much fun to work with! Well done guys!! You did good!!

Here is the link to the full episode:

With participation and narration by João Reis

Directed by Jorge Pelicano, Inês Rueff

Production: Até ao Fim do Mundo (Until the End of the World)

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