Where it all began…

“My name is Zoë Prinsloo, a 19-year-old environmental activist."
Zoë Prinsloo
Environmental activist

My interest in straws started over 5 years ago when I started doing regular beach clean-ups while working towards my Protea Award (the highest award in Guiding). I was shocked at how many straws I found on our beaches (amongst so many other unnecessary single-use plastic items)!

But when I saw THAT video, of the turtle with a straw deeply embedded in his nose, that was literally the LAST STRAW for me!!! That video horrified me and from that day I vowed to NEVER use another plastic straw again!

This led me on a quest to find a cheap, biodegradable straw… readily available to everyone… so no more excuses!
But it didn’t end there… I saw a need to try and replace all single-use items and I started slowly adding more and more products to my range and I am now proud to say that I am the youngest distributor of eco-friendly products in South Africa!

I would like to encourage you to do your best to SAY NO when offered single-use plastic items such as straws or coffee cups!  Do your best to use eco-friendly items such as bamboo or metal straws, fire-lighters made from recycled coffee, stationery made from recycled paper or wood pulp, eco-friendly cotton buds, bamboo toothbrushes, biodegradable and organic plasters and bags made from 100% recycled plastic bottles – all of which are available in my store.

I regularly do beach clean-ups, so keep an eye out and join me if you can!

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Welcome to my channel... FINALLY! I'm so excited for this adventure and I look forward to bringing you all along with me!

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