No more stompies!

Picked up these cigarette butts just on the step by the beach! Cigarettes take between 18 months and 10 years to decompose!! Come on people, do better. Be better! Throw your stompies in the bin!! Roughly 4.5 trillion cigarette filters pollute our oceans, rivers, city sidewalks, parks, soil and beaches every year!! Cigarette butts leach READ MORE

Why is it so hot?

So why the sudden heat waves around the world? Here is, what I hope, a simple explanation: The first image is of what a “normal” jet stream should look like. Earth’s four primary jet streams only travel from west to east. Jet streams typically move storms and other weather systems from west to east. BUT READ MORE

I need to vent!

Fellow Fishie lovers, I need to ask your opinion and vent a bit, so please excuse the long post. So a climate-related page (I’m leaving names out) posted about the recent heat waves and how the jet streams are affecting it. The post was quite technical so me, wanting to know more, commented this to READ MORE