Beach Cleanup: 13 August 2022

Part 2: Our Cleanup of the Black River where it passes under Marine Drive on its exit into Table Bay (and then inevitably washes out onto my beloved Lagoon beach!)

So mom and I ventured out with our newly made litter nets and off we went to clean. We waited for high tide and then…Wow. Just wow! As you can see from the photos attached, it is horrific! The amount of litter that CONTINUOUSLY washes in and out is ridiculous!

We found it all: plastic bottles, crazy amounts of polystyrene, shoes (so many shoes), lollipop and earbuds, bottle tops, clothing, plastic bags, condoms, toys, tupperware, plastic bottles, medicine bottles, wood, handbags, backpacks, straws, syringes, dead animals, a black bike and we honestly lost count of the number of plastic single use lighters!!!

We cleaned for an hour and filled 4 bags (33 kilos) and a kids black bike! It’s not easy work but it was, and I hesitate to use the word “fun”? It was incredible to just keep scooping and scooping and scooping up litter!

So we’ll be going there now on a regular basis during the week to clean. We just need to do a few more things to make it easier and safer:

(1) a rope to tie onto the end of each pole in case it gets pulled in so we can pull them back out again (2) a few more long poles for when we have additional helpers (3) a tarp to easily scoop litter on to (4) a few more BIG nets to scoop more at a time and (5) a second waterproof tarp to put in the car for when we transport bags to the dump as they often leak and we don’t want this leaking in our car!

If anyone can assist with any of these items please do reach out? Especially the fishing nets and long poles. You can email me on [email protected] or PM me.

Alternatively, if you WANT to help, but CAN’T attend cleanups or help with equipment, please consider making a donation to help us to keep doing these cleanups and other environmental programs?

All these little things cost money and let’s not forget the petrol to drive back and forth 🥹 You can email for our banking details or you can donate easily via our Yoco voucher link:

(please type in “Donation” together with your name under recipient details)

Thank you💙🙏🏻



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