Community Cleanup: 23 July 2022

Thursday night we took our pup, Hank, for a walk and I thought, why not do a quick cleanup while we walk?

10 min later, barely 1 block from our house and 2 big bags filled!!

* TWELVE wine bags (papsak) found behind an electrical box

* 7 wine boxes & about 5 wine bottles scattered along the edge of an open plot

And then at the local park, right by the jungle gym, where KIDS are meant to play, we found 3 alcohol bottles, 1 broken bottle and about 9 metal bottle caps… Oh and let’s not forget about all the stompies!! Disgusting!!

As you may have guessed, this is all about 1 block from a bottle store!! Clearly people are so desperate that they can’t even wait to get home before they drink! This is supposed to be a safe space for CHILDREN to play!! Not for drunks or irresponsible drinking!! And this nonsense of people buying beers and wine and drinking them in public while walking home must stop!!

Looks like my beach cleanups will have to start closer to home!! #itallendsupintheocean

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