Happy 5th Birthday to me!

Guess what? Save a fishie is officially 5 years old today! 🥳🐳

I cannot believe it. I feel like Save A Fishie has been my life pretty much forever! I hardly remember a time when I wasn’t cleaning beaches or raising awareness about pollution! But it’s also because Save A Fishie was my life long before I officially registered my organization 5 years ago. Unofficially I’ve been doing this now for about 10 years.

Honestly, I would never be where I am today if it were not for my incredible supporters!! Save a fishie would never be what it is today without YOU. Yes YOU reading this!

To my mentors, Greg & Bianca, who got me started. To Girl Guides who ignited my passion for community service. To my mom and boyfriend who have supported and stood by me every single step of the way, joining at nearly every single cleanup! To my family and friends! To my own Edgemead High School and my principal, Mr Lawrence, for your amazing support during my high school career! For pushing me and allowing me time to pursue my passion. To the amazing kids from the SAF Brooklyn Cleanup Crew!! You guys rock!! To two amazing fellow female activists, Margo and Danielle! #GirlPower Then to the various companies, schools and youth groups who trusted me to run their cleanups for them and share my knowledge. To Kai and Mariska who were the first company who believed in my business idea and let me represent their products. To so so many people who joined my various cleanups over the years…those I knew and those who started out as strangers…but who all helped me reach this milestone. I appreciate and value each and every one of you!

I , and the planet, am eternally grateful and I cannot wait to see what awesome “Fishie Saving Adventures” come next!

One thing I can promise you is this: I will NOT stop. Never. This has been my life and my passion now for half my life and I cannot see myself doing anything else. All I want to do is clean beaches and educate our youth! And I look forward to sharing it with you all in the years to come!

Here’s to some exciting plans hopefully coming to fruition soon!🥂🤞

Taking a trip down memory lane with these photos as I look at all the cleanups, all the friends and partnerships and all the bags we’ve managed to take off our beach. It makes me so so proud! Enjoy the short video!

As we stand today: 95 Beach Cleanups and 9,522 tons!

Hope you can all join me for my 100th cleanup happening soon!!

(details to be announced shortly!)

One thought on “Happy 5th Birthday to me!

  1. jouberta says:

    Its really amazing what you are doing and the example you set for all, well done!
    Was just wondering if you do Coastal awareness sessions for school groups and if you maybe be available for such session in September at the West Coast, town of Velddrif?

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