I get excited about the weirdest things…

I really do get excited about the strangest things!! šŸ¤£

So now that I’m working in Paarden Eiland at my new store by The Shred Indoor Skatepark, I’ve finally had the nerve and courage to tackle a spot that I’ve been wanting to clean for SO long!! Never really knew how to access it or where but now I know.

So, I took 2 old pool cleaning poles, got some piping, some wire, and a piece of net and used my Ranger-mind and got creative making my own litter nets!

Mom and I did 2 cleanups on Thurs and Friday to test the equipment and it works great! A few tweaks here and there and some notes taken wrt what I still need to make it easier and safer but otherwise we are good to go!

Next post will show you WHAT we all found and discovered!!! So stay tuned!!

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