Mandela Day Beach Cleanup: 18 July 2022

Today for Mandela Day we ran a beach cleanup on Milnerton Lagoon!💙

We arrived to a beach looking fairly clean (the city was also on duty cleaning).

We had a quick briefing, handed out our upcycled billboard bags (thanks to Vans SA) and reusable gloves and off we went to clean. Not too far from where we began cleaning we were horrified to find a stretch of the beach in front of Leisure Bay to be riddled with litter! Covered with microplastics, bottle tops, straws, earbuds, sweetie wrappers, nurdles and just RUBBISH!😲

Literally had to rake up the litter into piles and scoop it up! We picked up a total of 251kg of litter!😀

A huge THANK YOU to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for donating donuts to all our awesome volunteers! Thank you to members from Century City, WWF South Africa, Rosebank College, kids from our SAF Brooklyn Cleanup Crew and members of the public for joining us today! Many hands make light work!👐🏻

Thank you to everyone who donated CANS today! They will be handed over shortly to 2 different organizations and I’ll be sure to post pics 😊

This was my 91st Beach Cleanup and total litter collected is now standing on 9,3 tons!! Which will I reach first? 100 cleanups or 10 tons?

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