Nurdles, nurdles and more nurdles

Nurdles, nurdles and more nurdles!

They just keep washing up on our shores.

Nurdles are tiny plastic pellets, and they are causing devastating damage to our environment and marine life. They blend in with sand and shells.

Can you believe the first reported appearance of nurdles on beaches dates back to 1970?!

Nurdles are a type of microplastic, the raw material—or “pre-production building blocks”—used to create virtually every plastic item. Nurdles are the basis of everything plastic. All the computers you have in your house, all that kitchenware, plastic bags.

In October 2017 a Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) container ship had a spill of 49 TONS of NURDLES during a severe storm.

These nurdles remain scattered across beaches all over South Africa even after nearly 5 years!!

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