Community Cleanup: 17 April 2022

So after yesterday’s beach cleanup I still felt the “NEED” to clean. So I grabbed my grabby claw, my boyfriend and sister and my Team VANS SA recycled bag and off we went for a walk around the block.

We managed to fill one big bag with litter in under 30 minutes!!

We ALL need to play an active part in keeping our communities clean. No more of: “But it’s not my litter”. “But I didn’t mess.” “The city must clean it.” “It’s not my problem.” This is the WRONG attitude.

We are ALL sharing this planet we call home! We are ALL responsible for keeping it clean. We ALL need to help. If we just clean the street outside our house. Or around the block. Imagine the difference that would make?! The City does the best it can with the resources it has. But if we work TOGETHER we can make this work!!

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