Beach Cleanup: 16 April 2022

What an AWESOME Easter beach cleanup today at the Milnerton Lagoon!! 💙

130 kilograms of litter!!😁

Thanks to all my wonderful volunteers!! I so appreciate your help!! 💙

Thanks to hockey player Theon and his girlfriend, the student doing community service and her mom, the couple that joined to help, the family who regularly comes to help, awesome officer Rudi and his family and of course, the SAF Brooklyn Cleanup Crew!! (sorry I don’t always catch everyone’s names 🙈 and apologies if I missed anyone🤭)

Thanks to Janine who helped me spoil the volunteers with Easter marshmallow eggs!! Thanks to Justine from Krispy Kreme South Africa for the delicious freshly baked doughnuts our crew kids!! And thanks to all the other people who helped me out together Easter hampers for our kids!! Thanks Sam, Alexa, Gillian and Mitcheline! The kids loved their hamper bags full of yummy goodies… And of course their jelly and custard treats, polony and cheese rolls and orange wedges!! Their happy faces made my heart so happy!!! 🤗

It was a great Easter cleanup… 130 kilogram greatness!!! 🎉

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