Beach Cleanup: 22 February 2022

So yesterday (Monday) I had the day off work… I work at a cute little gift shop.

But that beach cleanup itch was there.

So I gave my mom the day off work too (she works mornings at Save a Fishie HQ) and we packed up all our gear and headed down to do not one, but TWO beach cleanups! One at Milnerton Lagoon and then at Blouberg, just before On the Rocks and Onse Huisie.

So on with my wader, on with our sunscreen and hats. Armed with our awesome Team VANS SA bag, gloves and grabby tools! And new to the team is WAGGY!! My little pink wagon who followed along helping to collect the litter we found! (Yes I’m looking for a much BIGGER wagon if anyone can help 😉)

Even though we JUST did a cleanup on Sunday evening, we STILL found 6kg of litter along the shoreline and IN the Lagoon.

From there we drove to Blouberg. Gorgeous day. Gorgeous beach. At first we thought We not going to find anything here. Beach looks immaculate. But nope. Once we started looking between the rocks and shells we actually found a BIG bag full!! Another 5kg of litter!

Was quite interesting the different things we found at the 2 locations. Lagoon VS Beach. At Blouberg we found 22 broken pieces/ends of drinking cans. Sharp dangerous broken pieces. (see pics attached). Lots of lighters. Cable ties. Pieces of plastic packets. Nothing “whole”. Obviously from being out there for a long time whacked against the rocks. This is obviously different to the smelly things we find buried “whole” by the Lagoon.

Overall a very good day. Over 10kg of litter off 2 beautiful beaches!

Thanks to my mom for joining me!!

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