Beach Cleanup: 20 February 2022

What’s a weekend without a beach cleanup?? Who knows😅

This evening I had a great time with the learners from Edgemead High School at our sunset beach cleanup by Milnerton Lagoon!!

Being an ex-Eagle myself, I have a special bond with this school and I do so love our cleanups! (and 6 of the volunteers are also part of our GIRL GUIDE Ranger crew!!)

We had around 50 learners tonight which was amazing!! We found so much micro plastics and the Lagoon section is finally starting to look cleanER than it has in a very very long time. Dare I say we are finally getting somewhere??? Dare I hope??

After an hour cleanup using our awesome recycled bags, donated by the awesome Team VANS SA, we had collected around 40kg!! 40kg of which about 70% was micro plastics is incredible!!

Aftrrwards I treated all the learners to some much needed juice and a packet of chips to say thank you for their help!

Great end to a great weekend!!

Thanks again to the EHS Interact society and all their volunteers!!

Any schools wanting to do a cleanup also, please reach out to me and I’ll gladly assist😁

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