Beach Cleanup: 12 February 2022

Awesome cleanup this morning at my beloved Milnerton Lagoon!! And what a treat to have our own Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis join us to help clean and see first-hand the issues we face!

As a fellow Edgemead High School learner we bonded over litter and the calmness one feels when cleaning the beach!

Also a perfect day to use our AMAZING new upcycled bags from Team VANS SA to clean!! Made from recycled billboards and seat belts, these bags were absolutely PERFECT!! Easy to use, doesn’t blow open in wind, has 1 strap so easy to carry and open. Seriously impressed and seriously grateful!! THANK YOU Team Vans!! Definitely going to make cleanups even easier!! Not to mention just too damn cool for words!!

Kids fed again with yummy sarmies and juice and went home with full tummies!!

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