Beach Cleanup: 27 February 2022

AWESOME Beach cleanup yesterday with Red Rocket Energy and our SAF Brooklyn Cleanup Crew!!!

We picked up a whopping 56kg of litter as well as 1 Tyre!! Loads and loads of micro plastics as always!!

Was also great seeing my Solid Waste Law Enforcement hero again! Thanks Rudi for coming through to assist and look after us!!

Thanks also to little Chloe and her mom for joining us. Chloe was doing community service hours for school. We get loads of learners doing that so please do feel free to come to us if you are in need of service hours!

Thanks must also go to a car guard who saw what we were doing, and asked if he can help! He worked so hard and filled an entire bag by himself… We had to actually go and fetch him after we’d all finished.

Thanked him (and all our volunteers) with some juice and sandwiches.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to help!! We are making a difference!! Every SINGLE piece of litter removed off our beach matters!!

Stay in touch for more info on our next cleanup!!

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