Two Climate Climate-Change Activists invited to Parliament

Two Climate Climate-Change Activists invited to Parliament

On Wednesday, 11 March, two passionate young climate activists from Cape Town, Zoë Prinsloo and Akhona Xotyeni, were invited to Parliament as guests of DA Leader in the NCOP, Cathy Labuschagne.

They were given the unique opportunity to have an informal sit down with Mrs. Labuschagne to discuss issues around climate change, what they are doing in their personal capacity to help combat it and how they hope the government can help.

The girls were given a personal tour of Parliament, including the General Assembly and they were thoroughly impressed by the beauty and the history of these historic buildings. Did you know they have their own Post Office in Parliament?

Following the tour they were then afforded the opportunity to watch the climate change debate in the NCOP from the gallery!

Zoë, a 17-year-old Matric learner at Edgemead High School, runs her own eco-friendly product distribution business called Save a Fishie, attended the UN Youth Climate Summit in New York last year, runs regular beach cleanups, does education sessions, and more.

Akhona is a 22-year-old from King William’s Town, currently a Master’s candidate at Stellenbosch University. She is a student volunteer at the South African Institute of International Affairs, a Global Peace Chain Ambassador, has been on panels at the PAGE Ministerial Conference and the EU Climate Change Roundtable, and is also involved in recycling and waste management projects, amongst others.

These two remarkable young ladies are a true inspiration. They give us hope and inspire us all to want to do more. We owe that to our future generations!

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