Grateful for Pure Water

HUGE Thank You to Robert from EVERPURE Water Filters for generously sponsoring and installing a water filtration system at the Save a Fishie Store today!! (and for dropping off a load of eco bricks too!!)

With the state of our water nowadays, I am so very appreciative to now be able to drink the most delicious pure water… A luxury many people do not have today!

So Thank you Robert and I look forward to having to you join us at our next beach cleanup too!!

For anyone wanting to purchase a water filtration system, contact Robert on 082 558 6688 or for more information on how these amazing filters work, visit his website at


* No more heavy bottled water to carry home – Enjoy sparkling clear and delicious tasting water direct from your tap

* Removes disinfectant, chlorine and chloramines

* Removes all invisible dirt particles 0.5 micron or larger – including sulphides and asbestos fibres

* Reduces lead to below the acceptable level of 15ppb

* Absorbs offensive earthy, moldy fishy tastes and odours from the water thus improving the taste of drinking water, tea, coffee and cooldrinks

* Filters out parasitic protozoan micro-oraganismms like Entamoeba, Cryptosporidium and Giarida

* Fine flavours are no longer ruined – always cook with filtered water

* Water cartridges are easily replaceable – bayonet lock system

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