Beach Cleanup Part 2

So today was the 6th Saturday beach cleanup in a row! And I’m loving them!! (Yes I’ll be back next week…beachside)We had a terrific turnout again!! Imagine the turnout when Summer is here!! 😁😎💃🌞 So nice to see familiar faces now joining me every Saturday! Shirley, Bee, Dad with kids (can’t remember all the names 🤣), our SAF Brooklyn Cleanup Crew (with Prince, the dog). And always so nice to see people just stop and decide to help on the spot and then also Zena (a member of my high school’s Interact club) together with an exchange student from Italy!

And last but not least, to my awesome friends, Ross and Bridget for coming and helping me today!! So great to have you join me!! (Sadly my Josh, my boyfriend, my cleanup buddi had to work today 🥺 )Together we picked up 115 KILOGRAMS of litter!! Aaaaannnnd 4 tyres!! Aaaaaannnnd if you consider how MOST of the litter was micro and small pieces of plastic, 115 kg is pretty darn amazing!!

Thank you everyone!! See you again next Saturday, 10am…this time we meet at the beach in front of Lagoon Beach Hotel.

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