Thank you for your Tree donation!

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK the following people/companies for sponsoring a tree/trees and allowing me opportunity to plant them on their behalf at the Greenpop Eden Festival of Action this September!! It was an absolute honour for to me to have planted these trees and I did so with absolute love and gratitude! 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳


Alexia Eason

Andrea Brits

Antonietta Piscitelli-Kopke

Bothasig Girl Guides and Rangers


Carlyn Herbst

Caron Mortemore

Cheri Schwarz

Claudia Piscitelli

Courtney Schelhase (Porcha)

Doné Lombard

Edgemead Teddie Den (1st Edgemead Teddies, Brownies and Guides)

Edgemead High School

Elle White

Elliana Stockgit

Emelyn Eason

Emma Scriba

Erica Steeman

Evelyn Knott

Gia Virissimo

Grace Walsh

Hilary White

Maria Piscitelli (in loving memory of)

Isabella Caminada

Jamie Prinsloo

Jessica van der Walt

Johan Prinsloo

Jolene Evans

Josephine Knott

Joshua Baverstock

Joshua Kopke

Julie Capes

Klue Family (in loving memory of Dr Jak, Oom Salie and Oupa Joe)

Leigh Kopke

Louise De Roubaix

Lucia Charlier

Luke Kopke

Marelette Lawant

McKenzie Stanbridge

Monte Vista Teddie Den (Monte Vista Girl Guides, Brownies and Teddies – Girl Guides South Africa)

Nadine Kopke

Nino Piscitelli

Patricia Durrbaum Hopking

Phebe Jearey

Rebecca Nilsson (Rene Nilsson)

Rose Marais

Sandra Du Preez

Sharnel Brits

Shelley Ungerer (in loving memory of Charmaine)

Sophia Nilsson (Rene Nilsson)

Stacey Brits

Stella O’Connor

Stephanus Lombard

Summer Matthews

Tanya Prinsloo

The Green Tap

Wendy Dumerell

WorksheetCloud (20 trees!!)

Zoe Trisha Prinsloo (me 😁)

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