Every heard of a Mermaids Purse?

To all my fellow beach lovers, if you are keen on being a citizen scientist for the oceans, this might be of interest to you: If you see shark egg cases (or ‘mermaid’s purses’) on the beach, you can report it to ELMO. ELMO is the ‘South African Elasmobranch Monitoring’ Unit.

It is a citizen science initiative with the aim to collect long-term data on shark, ray and skate populations. See their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/elmoafrica. It is easy to participate! Take a picture of the shark egg cases you spot and send it to Whatsapp number 076 897 5474 with the date and the beach that you saw it on.

ELMO has also developed a new app for reporting these sightings and which will be launched in January 2022. Apparently they are short of sightings in the Milnerton area so please keep your Reyes open!

Happy spotting and reporting! 🙂

Thanks to a member of the Woodbridge Island residents group who shared this info.

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