Beach Cleanup: 28 August 2021

Just another beautiful morning at the beach. If only. With the rain comes the washup of more and more litter onto our beach. Plastic plastic and more plastic.

With me being away the weekend my awesome mom stepped in to head up this mornings cleanup. Wasn’t expecting her to go if it was raining but we were worried our Brooklyn Cleanup Crew might be there and didn’t want them to be disappointed at us not being there so she went thru.

Mom says that when she got there they were all waiting and super excited to see her! Eager to clean she handed out bags and gloves. It was drizzling a bit but they wanted to clean, so off they headed. But when it started to rain more, Mom called them back and insisted on them rather finding shelter and heading home. But not without a thank you treat. Each kid was given a Kit Kat and a Lemonade (Both thanks to SA Harvest through Milnerton Community Action Network – CAN) and 2 packets of GIRL GUIDE cookies to share amongst them! They were SOOOO happy and thankful!

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