Beach Cleanup: 24 October 2021

So I wasn’t going to have a beach cleanup yesterday due to weather BUT when one of my SAF Brooklyn Cleanup Crew called me early in the morning to ask if I was coming and hearing him say “Pleeeeaaase Aunty Zoe” my heart bubbled over and I said yes!

So mom and I sprang into action and made them some yummy polony, mayo and lettuce wraps!

Thanks to the amazing Johanna from Charity Locals Helping Locals For Sassa Pensioners for the polony they donated as well as the incredible Janine & Co from Milnerton Community Action Network – CAN for donating yummy wraps, KitKats and water!

And wouldn’t you know it, the weather turned out fine! Can never tell with weather reports any more so I reckon I’m just not gonna trust then any longer.

So together our little group picked up just over 10 bags of litter weighing 17kg! So so soooo much micro plastics has washed up again!

Sadly the kids also found a dead baby seal at the lagoon,

We’ll be back next Saturday, meeting beach side by the parking area just past Lagoon Beach Hotel. 10am.

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