Beach Cleanup: 18 September 2021


INTERNATIONAL COASTAL CLEANUP DAY was a rip-roaring success!! With the awesome help of amazing volunteers we picked up 82 bags weighing 567 KILOGRAMS!!

5 6 7. Yes! Five Hundred and Sixty Seven kilograms of litter removed from the beach today at Milnerton Lagoon!! Whoooohooo!!!

Huge thank you to SA Medical Research Council for joining us today and handing out stationery sets, buffs and reusable shopping bags to our volunteers! So appreciate your help.

Thanks once again to Milnerton Community Action Network – CAN for donating grocery hampers for our SAF Brooklyn Cleanup Crew families!! Also for the bananas, oranges and apples we were able to hand out to the kids who joined us today for their 9th cleanup!!! Thank you so much!!

Thank you to John and the team from Plastics|SA for the cooldrinks, bags and gloves and who also came and fetched all of our bags of litters collected!! Was great seeing you again today John!! Your constant support is truly appreciated!! Thanks for always going the extra mile to help me!

Thank you to Consol Glass for donating a box of beautiful reusable glass water bottles for some of our volunteers. #ichanged2050

Thanks to the learners from Edgemead High School who came out today to help clean!! Proud former Eagle!!

Thanks to Rudi from City of Cape Town Solid Waste department who joined us and looked after us once again! Great to see my ride-along buddy!! Thanks for being a constant support and for all your help!

Great to also have the team from the City of Cape Town there! Had a good chat with them and going forward I’m sure we will work well together to make sure our lagoon and beach gets the attention and help she deserves!!

Thanks again to all my regular volunteers who continually come out to help and support me. I may not always have prizes and giveaways. I may not have donuts and cooldrinks, but I know that I can always count on my loyal volunteers to come out when I call upon you. To do what needs to be done. Love and appreciate you guys so so much! 💙

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