Why is it so hot?

So why the sudden heat waves around the world?

Here is, what I hope, a simple explanation:

The first image is of what a “normal” jet stream should look like.

Earth’s four primary jet streams only travel from west to east. Jet streams typically move storms and other weather systems from west to east.


The second image is a view of the Earth taken on 21 July 2022!

The Jet Stream is no longer in a circular orbit around the planet.

Some experts believe climate change is causing the jet stream to be “wavier,” causing it to meander up and down more strongly as it flows around the world. Waves in the jet stream make extreme weather events worse, which causes storm systems or heat waves to move more slowly or get stuck in place.

I hope this is easy to understand. That 2nd image confused me totally when I first saw it, hence my previous post and wanting to understand more. But now that I see the 2 side by side, it’s quite scary🥺

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