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Hand made natural shampoo bars for your hair

The Coffee & Cocoa shampoo bars are moisturizing and revitalizing bars Suitable for all skin types.

Weighs approximately 60 to 70 gm each.
Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, organic coffee grounds & cocoa, lye, water

Apply shampoo to wet hair and lather using your fingertips. Massage well over the hair and scalp. Rinse hair thoroughly with clean water. You can use apple cider vinegar as a conditioner, if you need.

Keep out of reach of splashing water, on a well-draining surface. The shampoo bars especially are terrible in humid weather, so store them in a cool, dry place protected from humidity, otherwise they will sweat puddles.

Our soaps & shampoo bars are lovingly handmade in South Africa and contain pure, natural ingredients. These bars are ideal choice for people with sensitivities, or those who want healthy, nurtured skin! Skin is our largest organ, so using toxin-laden personal care products can have a detrimental effect, not only on the condition of our skin, but also on your overall health.

Our shampoo bars and soaps are proudly palm oil free, plant-based, with no artificial ingredients colorants or fragrances. They are no tested on animals and are vegan. It is free from sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), surfactant, parabens & preservatives.

If you can’t pronounce the words on the ingredient list, its better to put the product down or do a bit of research!

Why Natural Shampoo Bars

  • Shampoo bars help decrease our environmental impact by getting rid of plastic bottles.
  • Eliminating products made from synthetic ingredients also helps to decrease groundwater contamination. Everything we send down the drain can end up in local waterways.

Harmful Commercial Soap Ingredients

Parabens: otherwise known as chemical preservatives, these harmful ingredients are found in majority of commercial soap and beauty products.

Phthalates: known to cause cancer, this additive is often used as a ‘plasticizer’- a fancy word for an ingredient used to produce plastic.

Petrochemicals: made from petroleum, these chemicals should be considered unsafe for humans because little is known about the long term effects they have on our health.

Synthetic Perfume: artificial perfume scents, although they smell nice, are linked to allergies and hormonal issues. As well, synthetic ingredients such as perfume are likely to cause skin conditions and to aggravate existing issues such as acne.

Artificial Coloring: commercial soaps are packed with artificial dyes that have been known to cause health problems and illnesses in humans.

Why not Palm Oil
Palm oil is there in our food, cosmetics, cleaning products and fuels. Oil palms need a rain forest climate (consistently high humidity and temperatures) and a lot of land. The plantations are often established at the expense of rain forests. Palm oil plantations are currently the leading cause of rain forest destruction. Palm oil trade is destroying orangutan habitat, endangering other rain forest animals as well as the indigenous people living in rural areas and contributing to the high levels of carbon emissions. The destruction of natural habitats deprives the animals of the basis for their existence, causing an irreversible loss of biological diversity. Orangutans are particularly vulnerable because they are dependent on large contiguous forest areas. In search of food, they often get lost in the plantations, where they are regarded as pests.

Only a few manufacturers their products as containing palm oil and palm fat. Most companies disguise it, referring to it as “vegetable oils and fats”. Palm oil in soap recipes creates a hard, stable bar of soap that lathers very well. It is also a very inexpensive ingredient used profusely in commercial soaps. In large quantities, palm oil can be excessively drying on your skin.

This product practices or provides the following Eco choices : Reusable, zero waste, proudly South African, low carbon footprints, plant-based, vegan.


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