Safety Razor


The safety razor is a sustainable and beautiful alternative to disposable razors. A safety razor is an all-metal (ours is hard chromed razor) with a durable handle and double-sided blade. In a safety razor instead of throwing away the whole head to change the blade, the blade alone is removable and replaceable. The blade access is standard, where you screw off the whole head to remove the blade.

The Razor handles are brass and the head an alloy called Zamac, and both are hard chromed to be corrosion resistant. Blades are made of Japanese HITACHI stainless steel. It is 8.5 cm long weighs 60 g.

After use take the blade out of the razor . Rinse and clean them individually and wipe it thoroughly with a towel. Store the razor and blade separately. With proper care, they can last you a lifetime and even passed on to the next generation.





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