I need to vent!

Fellow Fishie lovers, I need to ask your opinion and vent a bit, so please excuse the long post.

So a climate-related page (I’m leaving names out) posted about the recent heat waves and how the jet streams are affecting it. The post was quite technical so me, wanting to know more, commented this to the author:

“As an average, normal person, could you please repeat that in simple, average, normal language that we can understand? I find a lot of information is so technical, the average person (that’s me) doesn’t understand it and just scrolls past. Information that is SO critical and important needs to be communicated in easy-to-understand simple language a 4-year-old could understand. (again, that’s me 😅) I’m an environmental activist but I am also just a normal, unscientific-minded person who likes to focus and raise awareness in ways we can all understand and relate to. Thank you so much.”

The author and a couple of other people nicely responded and gave a bit more detail. Then this person commented this:

“Save a fishie While I am also not overly technical, and agree that the terminology can be challenging, you have just demonstrated the laziness, the lack of effort and trying, that our entire society is at fault for and which has resulted in our facing annihilation. We want everything given to us, cut, diced, polished and presented in a palatable manner so we can then decide if we… like it or not.

We’re at the point now where we need to put away our ignorance and stupidity, and our willful ineffectiveness, and pick up the shovel rather than asking someone else to do it for us. This is precisely the problem with our race, and this is why there will be no solution to GW, and this is why we are going out in starvation, wars and cruelty, fire, and climate destruction. Because as you’ve just demonstrated, we like to go around thinking we are educated and smart, but don’t wish to put in the necessary effort that a truly intelligent person would.

There. I’ve just spelled it out for you, for myself, and for anyone else that needs it spelled out because they don’t think they need to do the work required to realize the task at hand. We want govt’s and billionaires to fix things rather than see how we ourselves are the ones that caused this, and take responsibility.

If you happen to find yourself taking any of this in a personal way, feeling triggered or upset, or wanting to fire back then you’ve once again missed the point – it’s not about you, it’s about the shared collective stupidity that we all engage in. The sooner we acknowledge and own it, the sooner real solutions can begin to emerge that will help. 🙏

Now, please help me wrap my mind around this! I have always been very clear to everyone who knows me, that I believe very much in raising awareness but in a way that EVERYONE can understand. I am NOT a technical/scientific person. I am a hands-on average person who just does what needs to be done and tries to encourage everyone to do what they can to help.

So when I try to genuinely ask for help in understanding something scientific and I ask the author to please elaborate but then get called LAZY, IGORANT, STUPID, INEFFECTIVE and UNINTELLIGENT I honestly am taken aback!

THIS mans attitude and response is what’s wrong with this world! Not mine! I represent the average person, who I know, when confronted with very technical terminology and jargon, simply scroll past. THIS is what I’m trying to prevent and change. Making the science and the information easy to understand and thought-provoking!

Am I wrong? Do you know that at first I was embarrassed by this comment and didn’t want to share it because there might be some of you who agree with this man but then I realised that that’s exactly what people like this try to do! Push you down and discourage you from wanting to learn! In school we were taught to ask a question if we don’t understand. Is there anything wrong with this throughout our lives? Wanting to LEARN and UNDERSTAND? Fact of the matter, ask your questions and continue learning to help save our planet!

Oh well. Rant over. I do appreciate all my supporters and those who understand me and my cause. Thank you for standing by me all these years. Together we HAVE made a change and together we will do more!

Have a wonderful week further!!

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