It took my brain a while to fully fathom what an amazing week I had at the Eden Festival of Action 2019 – Youth Programme!!

I experienced so many different things during the programme, one being vegan for the week! (ps did you know #Salticrax are vegan?? 😳 )

Everything at the camp was completely #zerowaste! From the waterless toilets to the eco-brick stations all over the campsite…even our showers were heated by a donkey boiler…basically a water tank heated by fire.

During the days we attended various workshops, for example, #permaculture (which included learning how to make and maintain a compost heap), being an active citizen (given by Blake), learning about camera trapping (led by the amazing folks from the Landmark Leopard & Predator Project – South Africa), eco-bricking by Waste-Ed (Matt, Candice and baby Xia), a beach cleanup, a biodiversity hike to Salt River Mouth and then of course, the main focus of the week, #reforestation!! We planted a staggering 1876 trees during the week I was there…4 500 in total!!

Apart from all this hard work and learning soooo much awesome stuff (which I can’t wait to share with Cape West GIRL GUIDES SA) … we also had such fun after hours… a quizz night, movie under the stars, singing around the campfire, a talent show on the last night with lots of dancing with our new friends, and even a speaker evening, where we were given an opportunity to speak about our passions (I spoke about my #passion for the #ocean, the environment and Save a fishie!).

Overall this was such an amazing experience for which I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend! Thank you so much to Misha (DJ Crash Love), Matt, Gabriella, Brittney, Enya, Skye, Dylan, Chris, Matt, Candice and the Greenpop crew and organisers!!

Lastly, thank you again to everyone that helped get Joshua and Myself (Zoe) to the festival!! Words cannot express how grateful we are!

Can’t wait for #EFOA2020!!!

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