Monday, 22 April was Earth Day, and boy did we celebrate it in style!!

Save a Fishie, together with the Cape West GIRL GUIDES SA and Stefan Graunke from Coastal Ghost, we had an amazing beach cleanup at Milnerton…Lagoon Beach! We had a terrific turnout from the girls, siblings, parents and friends, and we managed to collect over 40 bags full of litter off the beach! We even had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny, who handed out eggs to all the kids!

Stefan, together with his mom and 3 dogs, have been on a 6-week journey doing the single longest beach cleanup all along the coast from KZN to Cape Town! With nearly 100 beaches and close on 200 bags of litter removed from our beautiful beaches, I was absolutely honoured to finally meet them!

One day my dream is to follow Stefan’s example and also do a coast-to-coast cleanup, hopefully including off-shore dive cleanups!! 
Thank you to everyone that joined and participated!!
I am eternally grateful to you all!


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